Name: Duer Kylemore

Race: Half-elf

Class: Ranger

Alignment: Neutral good

Deity: Ehlonna

Size: Medium

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 5' 1”

Weight: 175lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Skin: Dark complexion

Region: Greyhawk  (Adri forest near The Great Kingdom)Level: 1

Experience points: 0
Experience points needed for next level: 1000

Strength: 18 (+4)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 10 (0)
Wisdom: 11 (0)
Charisma: 09 (-1)

AC: 16
Armor Type: Studded Leather

Speed: 30
HP: 13

Initiative Modifier: 3
Base Attack Bonus: 1
Melee BAB: 5
Ranged BAB: 4

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: 4
Reflex: 3
Will: 0

Skills: stat bonus + ranks + misc bonus [bonus type] = total
Handle Animal/-2.0
Intuit Direction/1.0
Knowledge (Geog)/0.0
Knowledge (nature)/0.0
Wilderness Lore/1.0

Languages: Common, Elven

Feats: (0 unused)
     Armor Proficiency (light)
     Armor Proficiency (medium)
     Shield Proficiency
     Weapon Focus: Arrows (20)

Gear and items: (qty) Item [weight] – comment
(1) Backpack [2.0 lb] - Std Issue
     (1) Rope, hemp (50 ft.) [10.0 lb]
     (1) Flint and steel [0.0 lb]
     (1) Bedroll [5.0 lb]
     (1) Torch [1.0 lb] - Std Issue
     (1) Waterskin [4.0 lb] - Std Issue
     (5) Rations, trail (per day) [1.0 lb] - Std Issue
     (1) Vest [0.5 lb] - Std Issue
     (1) Cold weather outfit [7.0 lb]
(1) Belt [0.1 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Boots [1.0 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Breeches [0.5 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Hooded Cloak [2.0 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Pouch, belt [3.0 lb]
(1) Quiver [0.0 lb]
(1) Shirt [0.5 lb] - Std Issue

Total Gear Weight Carried: 41.6

Weapons: (qty) Weapon [weight] – Comment
     (1) Longbow [ 4.0 ] ~ Damage: 1d8 ~ Critical: x3 ~ Range:100 ~ RA:+4
     (1) Longsword [ 3.0 ] ~ Damage: 1d8+4 ~ Critical: 19-20/x2 ~ MA:+5
     (2) Arrows (20) [ 3.0 ]
     (1) Dagger [ 1.0 ] ~ Damage: 1d4+4 ~ Critical: 19-20/x2 ~ MA:+5 ~ Range: 10 ~ RA:+4

Total Weapon Weight Carried: 11.0

Total Armor Weight Carried: 20.0

Total weight carried: 72.6 lbs

Magic items: None

Treasures: None

Racial Abilities:
     Immune to Sleep Spells
     Low-light Vision


Pp: 0
Ep: 0
Gp: 119
Sp: 8
Cp: 0


Duer has two parallel scars from claws on his back at the left shoulder blade as result of an encounter with a bear at age thirteen.

Duer Grew up the son of Mr. Olather Kylemore an Elf and Mrs. Sharen Kylemore a Human. Olather Kylmore was a Ranger when he and Sharen met on a campaign.  Sharen was a druid who worshiped the God Ehlonna.  His father and mother went on many adventures in their younger years but left that life to settle down and raise their family.  Their home was a modest house that was secluded in the Adri forest near The Great Kingdom of Grayhawk. 

Olather and Sharen knew that adventuring flowed through their veins and the children’s as well.  They decided early that trying to protect them and keeping them from a life of adventuring would only increase the chance they would seek it.  They decided to tell them their stories and in their own way train them mentally for what they new was inevitable.  You see when they told the stories of their adventures they were very graphic to the dangers that could be encountered.  In this Duer was thankful.   

Growing up Duer had little interaction with people other than his one older brother Revrac, younger brother Venorik and his cousin Jabbuk Kylemore.  When growing up they often played games as adventures slaying great monsters when they were not doing chores and hunting for food.  The games were fueled by the stories their father and mother told.

The lack of interaction with people also lead to a closer harmony with nature and her animals.  Duer always had a way with animals as he grew up.  Once when he was thirteen, he was out hunting when he came upon a raged Bear.  He was able to calm the bear but only after a nasty lick to his left shoulder blade.  This left a scar on his shoulder blade from the Bear’s claw.  The bear Dina-Hoon as Duer later came to call her however sustained no injuries and is doing well.  The Dina-Hoon  had three cubs this past spring.  Duer had many animal friends in the woods.  When he was around them it was often as if he actually spoke to them. 

People often find Duer to be a closed person who speaks only when necessary and is direct.  His face does not have any unusual features.  He does not smile openly to often around strangers.  His mother thinks he has a great smile when she gets to see it.  He has pointed ears that are common with elves, blue eyes, and brown hair.  His hair is thick and falls below his shoulders with enough length for a ponytail if desired.  He has a medium build and is lean with defined muscle.  He stands five feet and one inch tall.  He is very athletic and has good balance.  His nature is to do right by others but is not overly trusting.  You have to earn Duer’s trust.

Duer’s father trained him in many ways as he was growing up.  He excelled in his lessons on how to track, the ways of the forest and handling animals. His father taught him to use a bow and sword to help defend their home from the bands of Goblins and Orcs that tried to raid it.  His father taught him the craft of making bows and fine arrows.  He also instructed him in the art of telling the quality of craftsmanship in Bows and arrows. 

Olather often took his sons on hunting trips in their forest, Flinty Hills, and the Rakers Mts.  He taught them how to track in and handle different kind of terrains.   On a few trips they ventured into some caves.  On these trips he often let them do some exploring on their own.  His cousin Jabbuk often came on the trips with them.

Duer’s mother instructed Duer in the ways of Ehlonna the Goddess of Forests, Woodlands, Flowers.  He took to the lessons well and came to wear the insignia of her God.  His mother instructed him on a oneness with nature and her creatures.   He made Sharen so proud with his ability to handle animals.

Duer was always looking off to the time when he could wonder the lands and find his own adventures as he had heard in a few of his father’s stories. He had heard his father mention large cities like Rel Alstra but he also knew to keep his wits about him.

Duer loved his cousin Jabbuk.  He was always glad to see him when he came to visit and stay with them.  Jabbuk and Duer often spoke of future adventures they might have.  They agreed to set out for Rel Alstra when Duer came of age. When he left his home at the age of twenty-five he took the life as a ranger as his father had and set off for Rel Alstra to meet his cousin Jabbuk Kylemore. There the adventures of a life time would start.