Fearghus Shadowlyn



Character Name: Fearghus Shadowlyn
Character Race: Half-elf
Character Class: Druid
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Deity: Ehlonna
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 117
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Skin: Dark Complexion
Character Region: Forest of Vesve

Level: 1
Experience points: 100
Experience points needed for next level: 900

Strength: 11 (0)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 13 (+1)
Wisdom: 17 (+3)
Charisma: 15 (+2)

AC: 16
Armor Type:
{W¹} {P²} Armor [Wt] (AC)
{X} {Y} Hide [26.0] (3)
{X} {Y} Large Wooden Shield [10.0] (2)
¹X indicates armor that is currently worn.
²P indicates proficiency (Y/N).

Speed: 30

HP: 9

Initiative Modifier: 1 (base) + 4 (Feat) = 5
Base Attack Bonus: 0
Melee BAB: 0
Ranged BAB: 2

Saving Throws:
Fortitude: 3
Reflex: 2
Will: 5

Skills: stat bonus + ranks + misc bonus [bonus type] = total
(2) Animal Empathy/4.0
(2) Concentration/3.0
(1) Craft/2.0
(2) Handle Animal/4.0
(2) Heal/5.0
(1) Intuit Direction/4.0
(1) Knowledge (Geog)/2.0
(1) Knowledge (Hist)/2.0
(1) Knowledge (Nature)/2.0
(1) Knowledge (Planes)/2.0
(1) Proffession/4.0
(1) Scry/2.0
(2) Spellcraft/3.0
(1) Swim/1.0
(1) Wilderness Lore/4.0

Languages: Common, Drudic, Elven, Draconic

Armor Proficiency (light)
Armor Proficiency (medium)
Shield Proficiency
Improved Initiative

Gear and items: (qty) Item [weight] – comment
(1) Backpack [2.0 lb] - Std Issue
(5) Rations, trail (per day) [1.0 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Waterskin [4.0 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Torch [1.0 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Bedroll [5.0 lb]
(1) Cold weather outfit [7.0 lb]
(1) Flint and steel [0.0 lb]

(1) Belt [0.1 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Boots [1.0 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Breeches [0.5 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Hooded Cloak [2.0 lb] - Std Issue
(3) Pouch, belt [3.0 lb]
(1) Shirt [0.5 lb] - Std Issue
(1) Vest [0.5 lb] - Std Issue

Total Gear Weight Carried: 37.6

Weapons: (qty) Weapon [weight] – Comment
(1) Sling [ 4.0 ] ~ Damage: 1d4 ~ Critical: x2 ~ Range:50 ~ RA:+2
(1) Scimitar [ 4.0 ] ~ Damage: 1d6+1 ~ Critical: 18-20/x2 ~ MA:+1
(2) Bullets, sling (20) [ .5 ]
Total Weapon Weight Carried: 11.0

Total Armor Weight Carried: 36.0

Total weight carried: 82.6 lbs

Magic items: N/A

Treasures: N/A

Class Abilities:
Nature Sense
Animal Companion

Racial Abilities:
Immune to Sleep Spells
Low-light Vision

Familiar: Wolf
Familiar's Name: Astald-draug
Familiar's know commands:
(1) Come
(2) Defend
(3) Down
(4) Guard
(5) Heel
(6) Track

Pp: 0
Ep: 0
Gp: 200
Sp: 7
Cp: 0

Jewelry: N/A
Gems: N/A
Art: N/A
Other: N/A

Spells per day: 3 Level 0, 2 level 1

Daily Spell List:
Level 0
Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic
Level 1
Entangle, Entangle

Spell books:
Level 0: (3 per day)
Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Flare, Guidance, Know Direction, Light, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Resistance, Virtue,
Level 1: (2 per day)
Animal Friendship, Calm Animals, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Snares and Pits, Endure Elements, Entangle, Faerie Fire, Goodberry, Invisibility to Animals, Magic Fang, Obscuring Mist, Pass without Trace, Shillelagh, Summon Nature's Ally I,

Notes: N/A

Fearghus Shadowlyn a Half-elf that goes by Shadowlyn grew up in the Vesve forest of Greyhawk. He does not remember much of his parents. When he was five years old a band Orcs killed his mother and father as they traveled through the Sepia Uplands on their way from Traft to a city in the south. It was by chance that Shadowlyn came to live with a sect of Druids that lived in the Vesve Forest. They worshiped the God Ehlonna. As he grew up with them they taught him their ways and he grew to serve their path.

Brother Martyl a Half-elf Druid happen upon the attack but was to late to save the parents. Martyl drove off the Orcs and saved Shadowlyn from assured death. Fearghus did not remember his name when brother Martyl found him. Martyl named him Fearghus Lyn initially but due to his shadowy nature became known as Shadowlyn.

Martyl took Shadowlyn under his wing so to speak and became like a father to him. He taught him how to fight with a scimitar and sling. He also taught him to use magic as all druids do. His lessons included the history and preservation of nature and her animals as well.

Shadowlyn excelled at his lessons and made the Brothers of Ehlonna proud. Shadowlyn had a great love for the animals and became close with them. He felt himself to be their protector.

When Brother Martyl died just after he reached 23 his heart became sad. Shadowlyn soon left the Brotherhood and set out on his own with all that he had. He traveled to Taft and then explored the forests and mountains around Celene.

While he was exploring Celene Shadowlyn came across a wolf pup that was away from his pack. He took a liking to the pup right away and still mourning the loss of Martyl he cast Animal friendship on the Pup and took him as his companion. Shadowlyn names him Astald-draug, which means Valiant Wolf in elven tounge. Shadowlyn only uses the full name in private.

Most people hear him call the wolf Astald. He loved Astald with all his heart and spent much time training him. He taught Astald the commands Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel, Track and all that they entail. And with the art of Animal empathy often times it seemed as if they truly spoke to each other in a common tounge. Astald loved his new best friend as much as Shadowlyn loved him.

Shadowlyn and Astald traveled everywhere together but did not always venture in to the cities together. Shadowlyn and Astald-draug hired on with a caravan going from Narwell to Gryrax as a protector of sorts. Along the way the caravan was attacked by a band of bandits they were easily cut to shreds with arrows. Shadowlyn cast a spell of entanglement and the bulk of the bandits got trapped. He also served as a healer along the way using what nature provided and prayer.

When he reached Gryrax he accepted his payment as agreed upon arrival. He spent a couple of week in Gryrax until he found a new caravan going further south to Westkeep, which lies west of Monmurg.

After replenishing his supplies he and Astald set of on their latest adventure to serve as a healer. The caravan was more heavily armed than the previous caravan and he found out why along the way. They ran across some Orcs and stronger bands of bandits on this trip. He healed the warriors after the incursions and fought along side them in battle.

Shadowlyn never had to worry about his back because Astald was always watching it for him. When he was casting spells Astald defended him to keep him safe. Astald also served as his protector when sleeping and woke him at the first sign of trouble. Astald turned out to be a vicious fighter in battle making him a valiant companion.

Shadowlyn and Astald then accompanied the caravan back to the Gradsul and can now be found somewhere around Gradsul at the moment…

Edited on 04/19/2009